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Scott Mebus is a novelist, director, composer and playwright. He has written two adult novels, Booty Nomad and The Big Happy, and the children's urban fantasy series Gods of Manhattan. His musical, Tarnish, played in the NY International Fringe Festival in 2001. He composed the theme song for the Discovery Channel program, Outward Bound. He currently directs comedy and music videos and in his spare time he practices screwing up kids songs so he can make his son laugh.



Maridee Slater has an MFA in directing from Columbia University. During the 2016 election, she was a Visiting Associate Professor of Theatre in Colorado, which reignited her passion for social discourse. She's always scheming, always dreaming, and cultivating the vital impulse. Sometimes she makes with her hands (as a fabricator/carpenter/welder), sometimes she makes with her head (as a director and producer), sometimes with her body (as a choreographer and performer), and often by encouraging, prodding, and cheerleading others to realize their creative potential. Always, she makes with her heart and an unstoppable enthusiasm.

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